Lisa Ann Hager              

I am a ceramic artist living and working in Lake Lure, North Carolina. My sculptural pieces are hand built using a low fire earthenware claybody and I often employ a combination of matte terra sigilata, glazes and metallic lusters in my surface design.

My sculptures are a celebration of the natural world and the inescapable connection of everything contained within it. I have an unending list of ideas that I call upon to explore through my sculpture. Though these ideas can present anywhere from mysterious to strangely whimsical, the one commonality that I strive for relates to the interconnectedness and interdependence of life on our world. I am deeply inspired by the thought that we all share the very same material and, as humans, we can use these connections to symbolize our innermost thoughts.

The tactile nature of clay sculpture and the sense of presence that a three dimensional object can evoke continues to captivate my imagination and provide a limitless pool of ideas and challenges.

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